Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad Friday.

Sherlin , you can be my title creator already~ She create the title for me ^.^

Yeshhh, today. Alarm clock problem again!!! I set my handphone's alarm 6.30am. I didn't wake up. Instead, mum woke me up. But it's already 7.15am. I quickly rushed to the toilet and I asked my sister to help me to fill up my bottle with water. And mum woke dad up to send me to school.

=.- I was so scared. Terrible feeling. I reached school at 7.25am. Thanks dad for sending me to school. I thought everything was okay and I will be very brave. Raffiq wrote my name on the discipline book. And my tears started rolling out from my eyes. Raffiq said it's okay. It's just the first time but I can't stop myself. [shame shame]

After that, went into the class. Many friends convinced me. I cried several times. This is the first time I am late for school! Can't imagine. I thought I will never be late for school > this is my principe. But, I can't make it. And ( this is the third time I cry in SMKDK )!

Many teachers were absent today. All the teachers for subjects before recess were absent. So, I read my books as I don't have the mood to play and chat with them. After recess, I felt better. Because many people make me smile and laugh.

Science is the subject after recess. And after that, went for counseling. Went back into the classroom at 12.10pm. Rushing the works that teacher asked us to copy into the note book. I considered today as a 50 50% day.



Anonymous said...

aiya, nevermind late to school only ma!sometimes i also late for school.don't be so sad

Anonymous said...

why u cried two times at school?

XiiaoBenDan said...

ya...thanks me xP
lalala xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

Because I cannot make my principe success.

Ya lo ya lo, thanks xiao ben dan. ^^