Saturday, April 23, 2016



Probably there weren't anyone here anymore, unlike years ago.

I've decided to remake a new blog because I can no longer stand myself having this blog loaded with six hundreds over of silly blogposts!

It's today that I felt determined to start writing again (but I am pretty sure I'd stop being active after some time). But why not, let's try?

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Back because twitter doesn't allow me to complain without annoying others and 140 characters are certainly too short to express myself...

So here I am into the clinical years. It was all I wished about ever since I was in the pre-clinical years. Although I had expected it to be tough, and struggles may come about but I had never expect it to so clueless (I can be sure of nothing...really) and having to deal with people who ain't really got a sense of responsibility by themselves.

Perhaps this would be the time where we get to know who has supreme level of patience, who are willing to teach others despite being in a rush themselves and who are trying to sell fish~ Well, in short, getting to know others' true self.

I have always count my blessings, be grateful, and had never take lucks for granted. I am glad for what I have, for what I learnt despite being slower than some others and for having humanity towards my own patients who might have been in the waiting list for months or years. I vowed to be a good partner to my partner because she tolerates me a lot like I imagined mirror-ing her in me but I certainly might not have been the same.

I know I shouldn't be thinking over these but it came across my mind so many darn times, of why did I chose D over M! I had more excitement for classes/wardrounds/bedside teaching at HUKM than having our routine clinics. I SHOULD LOVE WHAT I DO right!

And because of the completely different cultures here (friends, coursemates, staffs, lecturers), I regretted of choosing to stay near home than being thousands miles away - learning a different culture and studying in a way better environment (but pursuing pure science is such a no-no for me, until now). But one thing for sure, I treasured every moments spent with my family during the weekends, not a second of regrets, having to smell homecook food and accompanying my parents through their 50s.

I knew I grew up with the right people, because they taught me what is responsibility and what is manners. I don't recall my mum or dad accompanying me to return textbooks. I go to school on my own, carrying all the books by myself. And they don't come home at 1pm just because I have fever. They would wait until they finish work to take me to the doctor. My parents don't take me as the reason to skip work or take emergency leave. EL is to be taken when it's really AN EMERGENCY. Or perhaps it's just the rules set too loose here? Naw, maybe that's the flexibility that seems to bring goodness to some but unfair to others...

How the system works here doesn't amaze me like how it did back in the forest 3 years ago. I had much respect for this university during my schoolings in the other part of this institute of higher education. Back then, it's not all about results or grades, it's about what we truly learn and how do we apply it in our life. However, through the current system of needing to conform to only requirements and not experience, unproductive graduates would be generated, like what we could witness now in news reports etc.

And so I am left with 3 days of holidays, but will be going back to the lab to finish off some works. Also to get something done for my partner, in the hope of having staff that could put themselves in our shoes or in a way, pity us, who are chasing to not-waste-the-clinical-sessions.

Up, me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

2 years.

It has been more than 2 years since I've composed a blog post. Why did I feel like blogging again today? Probably because this holidays making me feel like I am having a lot of free time. Happy? Yes. Probably because I didn't like studying so much (shouldn't be so, I should revise right?) During this time of the year only I wouldn't have an excuse to reject any outings or any invitation to go outings by friends. In fact, I am more actives in chats of all the groups that I might have been silent for months *batman returns* But actually I am sad. I should have spend my holidays in a better way, to benefit my self-development and perhaps study. However, there's no ideas to come to mind what I could do. Tagging along a dentist should be a great way to learn. *should ask mum tomorrow about this* 00:32 Monday 27/07/15 Amy

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I went home for two consecutive weeks. If I do this week, it will be the third week, I know it's not considerable to go home that often. But I just want to be homed this time. Classes will still be held. Movie premiere. I asked dad and sis. They said mum's working and there's no point of going home. I just wanna do so :'( But no one cares. A liter of tears.

While I am far than isolated being here, she made an effort to be here with me on that day despite her final exam. Sue Ann Jie won't be here to visit me this year. IKR Singapore. IKR.

Dai Kah Jie texted me and made me feel so much better, escaping from this ugly truth of being 18th on the month of May. I wouldn't forgot how they and he used to treat me like their real sister. #immortal2010

I said it's only a birthday that comes every year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Early 18th birthday and Mother's Day Celebration.

Since sister is back from Singapore for two days, I've got to celebrate my birthday earlier this year, on the election day, I supposed. Anyway, I won't be at home next week. So yeah, so upset. But one thing, I am really grateful because at least I am not celebrating it with the examinations like previous years.

Mum's NL lunch after my SAT :D  

At OneU, I managed to get myself a new Toshiba external hard disk at the MPH with the BB1M vouchers. After that, had a really fulfilling dinner with grandma and relatives.

Mother's Day card until 3 in the morning. #determined

 Mum's in tears, gam dong ba? 

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume, priced at 300 ringgit, just for MUM, loves!

At FULL HOUSE, Wangsa Walk :)
Pardon my Samsung awful picture qualities. 

 *opps, the chubbiest girl got caught red-handed eating greedily, hahah, well, everyone knows I love food, especially at this time of the month and I don't really care looking fat anymore*

Here comes my cake of the year. So small T.T 
I had three round cakes in 2010 (one from V, one from my gals, one from family).
Is it that as I grow older, I get lesser cake to eat?

 Last but not least .... Nahh, model of the Full House car. Eeeee.

Bye home, going back PP tonight :"( 

Monday, April 22, 2013


It gets very sensitive every time someone mentions about Ruby. And that status on Facebook about him, made me browse through his Facebook once again, after so many months. Looking through the pictures and his comments, I wonder why I argued with him that much. Stubborn head, what are you doing right now? If you're still here, sure you'll be studying with us ^^ Perhaps being in the same class with me! Then, I shall achieve my dreams like hoyeah :"(

I am so sorry. Sorry. And sorry. My Ruby hero, forever.