Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's mango season now,obviously. My parents bought a lot mangoes from the market. Excited. Ha ha. My Mum let me eat one big mango myself. Since I had been missing it so much. Didn't eat for some months. And, I had my target achieved.

Oh gosh, this morning, I was almost late for school. I think I had switched off the alarm myself. I set my alarm 6.20am. I woke up sharp at 7am. Luckily, I was observant. I saw some lights from outside the window. So, I quickly got up and see my hand phone. It's 7am already~ I rushed to the toilet and brushed my teeth and put my school shoe on my leg. Took my bag and zoomed off to school. But, I forgot to comb my hair.

Fortunately, I reached school on time. It was raining. Urm, not raining but the floor was wet because downpour in the morning before 6am, I guessed. Study like usual. I was sweating all day long. Don't know too nervous or too happy. Of course too WARM la. He he.

Bi, Bm, Recess, Siv, Mm, Sej. Today was okay because home works were less than yesterday. Today is Sri Kabellan's birthday. At school, I wished him happy birthday and hope he always happy and hope he always get good result. He then said, I maybe can always remain in number 1 and you should be remaining in number 2. I guess he was wrong. Anyway, I hope he will always happy go lucky just like M.E=)


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