Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday's night, I helped my eldest sister to do her home works which are always the same - architecture. I cut the small small door and paste it into her model. I was so afraid that I could spoil her model. If I spoil it, I'm going to be so dead. So, I did it very carefully. Haiz. My art so bad, she still wanted me to do things related to art. Anyway, I helped her until 1.15am. My eyes blur blur already.

Today is 'Qing Ming'. Aka 'Chinese All Souls' day. This morning, I woke up at 5am. Woke by Daddy. We were going to the memorable park in Klang to visit our late grandfather. We started our journey on 5.30am. Early right? Still dark.

I was suffering in the car. Both my both sisters were sleeping tightly like piggy. I was accompanying Daddy to drive the car. I scared he will sleep too. Me and Mummy didn't sleep. My sisters' head were on my shoulder. Feeling heavy. Ha ha. Arrived the place we heading at 6.30am.

We then walked to the place where my late grandfather's body was located(graveyard). Mummy asked me to wear slippers and not sports shoe. So, I did like what she said. It was wet and slippery. My slippers was completely black chocolate DIRTY. And I can feel the pain in the injuries on my leg.

We prayed and put on these joss sticks. We chit-chat with cousins and uncles and aunties. And burned papers. Pollution? Not? If these papers really can reach my grandfather, then I think he would be very rich there because he had many children. Each children brought at least one. There were 10 boxes. Hope he really can accept it :)

Walked back out to car park where my dad parked his car. We went to eat 'bak kut teh', the shop where we ate is very popular in Klang. After that, went back to grandmother's house and took a refreshing shower.

At 12.30pm, we went to visit my grandmother in the hospital. She was sick a few days ago. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday because of some illness. She wanted to come out from the hospital. So, we did the procedure. Daddy paid all these bills. And at around 3.30pm, everything were completed.

Babies are born to the world with [n]othing. Not with any money.
And Human-being left the world with [n]othing. Not with even some clothes.


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