Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prosperous Tuesday.

I couldn't count how much I blog everyday. Everyone who reads my blog will surely get bored~ I will stop someday. Because now, I got the spirit, the soul. To write on this blog although I knew my English wasn't as good as yours.

Let's start with today. Today, my mood was 60% bad, and the balance was good. Anyway, I must enjoy myself everyday. You understand? The enthusiasm? No one will understand my feeling NOW. I hope good things that happened to me will last forever. And all the bad one will leave me as soon as possible.

First thing first, my hair was really messy this morning. I fell asleep at 2am last night. Something was in my mind. Bothering me. Disturbed me. Stopped me from sleeping. I stay on my bed and look up to the ceiling. Thinking non-stop. Wondering what time will my eyes close by itself. Until I can't calm myself anymore, I went into the toilet and washed my face. Am I facing a lot of problems? I guess, No. I am still young. The major exam will be held next year, not this year. So, what I am afraid of? Answer was ' Don't know '.

Okay, get dressed and clipped my hair. It was ugly, though. I knew!! But my hair were all standing up straight although I used water to force it to come down. But it didn't. So, I clipped. Arrived school, S.Man helped me to comb my hair. It was raining drizzling. So, we went to class without needed to attend the assembly.

First class was BI, obviously. The class was noisy as teacher came in late. Study study study. Second class was BM. Teacher was absent. So, we took our own sweet time to play. S.Sya was playing some games with the Chinese boys. I watched them playing. * Boredom * The Chinese boys kept using harsh, vulgar and bad words to express themselves. I hate it. All of them were saying and teasing each other. Saying this person is her 'laogong'(husband) or his 'laopo'(wife). So young, want to say about marriage already.

Recess~ Sherlin asked me whether today, did *they* bully me. I don't know what to answer. so, I kept quiet. J.Eng helped me to answer, ' everyday also sure got one lah '[Chinese]! And yah, that's the answer.

Civic. Just copy notes given from teacher. Teacher was pregnant. She shall get more rest! Hope she will born out a healthy cute baby in a few more months. ^.^ After that, Maths. Study. I started to fall in LOVE with Maths as one of my boyfriend. Kakax. Last class, Sejarah, went into the Media Room. I reached first and I placed my books on one of the tables. B.Teng came and took away my books from the table and she herself sat there. I was mad but luckily, I can control myself from getting emotional. Great wisdom. It was air-conditioned. Cold climate is not very good for ME to study. As I will always get sleepy. HOME on time.

Could I believe in faith? Someone confess his feeling to me last year. I never answer or reply him. He thought I agreed. He started calling me with those 'geliness' words. And at last, I rejected. Because I don't think we suit to be together.

People whom I like, don't like me. It's him. I think everyone would knew if they were my old school friends. My friends included him came to my house one day in 2008. And my 2nd sister realized that I like him. And kept teasing me. Yesterday, when she saw him in the magazine of my old school, she teased me again. Understand the feeling of losing the one you wanted to be with? But I had already stop loving him. Thus, stop worrying and start living, everybody! =.=

I have a new TARGET, threw the old and chase for the new! My new target in my new school is to STUDY really hard. No play play. ^.^ We shouldn't always look back right? I hope I won't miss my old school & old friends SO MUCH.



XiiaoBenDan said...

whose "him"? xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

so fast comment already.
i thought no one wanna see my post already. because really boring.

HIM was a boy.

XiiaoBenDan said...

Ee...say lor :X
by the way...i want to read more hehe
cause only you always update xP
and can learn more enlish xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i tell, you also dunno de.....

XiiaoBenDan said...

by the way...
you have secret admire before hehe xP

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i have secret admire?
i don't understand...........

Anonymous said...

i think i know who is 'HIM'

amy美琪-kaykay- said...


XiiaoBenDan said...

who who?
say xD