Friday, May 22, 2009


It's isn't the day I have been waiting for. Not yet. Haven't. Waiting for that day to come!

This morning. Set my alarm 6.30am. But I kept snoozing / delaying the clock and ended up waking up at 6.48am. Anymore space for improvement? After brushing teeth and washing face, I studied in the study room - ALONE. So scary.

Got out from my house. Boarded the lift and walked to the guard house. I saw S.Phing and T.Tian near the guardhouse. So, walked to school with them~ They were reading and walking at the same time. I scared I will fall down or knock something if I do so? Few years back, I knocked the pillar once when I was on the way to school. It was so embarrassing.

In class, I never read anything for Moral exam. I heard they said got subjectives for writing definition. I was nervous and panicked for that. The paper do have subjectives but not definition. It was quite easy. 2 hours for Moral exam!! Which part of this world had gone crazy? I finished doing the Moral in 20 minutes. Double check at 10 minutes. I was totally insane for sitting in the class for 1 hour and 30 minutes without talking or moving.

Recess~ Get to meet Sherlin and J.Eng again. So happy for that!! Uhm, at canteen. We kept asking each other questions about Sejarah. Went back into the class. Started exam not long after that. The paper was okay. Fortunately, I managed to answer almost most of them. I think I could get an average result for this. Waited 12.30pm to come.

Walked out of the school with J.Eng, Sherlin, S.Sya, T.Tian and S.Phing. We helped J.Eng to search for her parents' car. We have been searching for about 5 minutes, then her parents arrived. So, walked home with S.Sya and S.Phing. :) Bye.



Anonymous said...

sorry about that

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

no sorry lah.
i love searching car.
especially my medicine de car.
hahaha. kidding~