Sunday, May 3, 2009

Same, though.

These days, feeling extremely tired.. Totally restless.. Too many thoughts in my mind and brain.. Who could clear and wash my traffic-jam brain? Would anyone please reformat my crowded and packed mind?

I should be happy, pleased and cheerful..

I'm tired of writing blog and keeping myself update by onlining or something else.

I had made a lot of mistakes recently. These make me felt pretty guilty.

Yet, I'm still making mistakes that I knew and I understand that it would be a mistake.

Today, I woke up at around 8am. Aunt Melissa called. My sister was in the study room with the radio on so loudly. Mum was cooking something. While, I was sleeping tightly. No one was answering the call. So, I did. Aunt Melissa praised me for waking up so early. I said I wasn't awake yet.

So, I continued my cheerless day with going to the market with mummy. Reached home. I continued sleeping. I slept until 12pm. Wow, that's too much isn't it? Woke up from the 3 hours nap and I ate my lunch.

After lunch, I headed to the study room. I had a book on my hand with the radio turned on. Although I was holding the book, I still managed to dream for about some minutes. I mean, I was in the study room. But not reading anything.

I'm thinking negatively nowadays. But my horoscope for this week says that I will be upset. And it asks me to focus all that attention on happier concerns, the ones in the here- and-now.

I am worried for my English and for my study as mid-year-exam is just around the corner. I bet I will be studying in the eleventh hour. Wait until my birthday ends and I will try my best to read and to memorize. These are my enemies. I have no idea on what I am saying. So, just wait and see.


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