Sunday, May 24, 2009


I can hardly step into the study room. I felt tired and restless as I step into that room. Don't feel like studying at all. Tomorrow I will be having Maths and PJK examination.

I remembered when I was in year 6. During the UPSR examination, I went out with my mother and sister until about 8pm at night. The next day was Maths examination and I was still outside loitering at IKEA [ if I wasn't mistaken ] with my mum and eldest sister. Ha ha. Luckily, dad and my second sister called and rushed me home.

Yesterday, I didn't touch any book. I went to swim with dad and second sister. After swimming for about 10 laps, the cloud started to get dark and thunder + lightening rolling along. So, we quickly went home~ And went shopping at Carrefour yesterday. I saw B.Teng and her family there. I thought she saw me, but well, she didn't.

Today, me and mum is planning to make the dumpling. I don't know what it was called. But I knew it was triangle and contains rice inside. HAHAHA. My Cantonese is getting weaker and worse. I was talking to my sister. Cause mum bought some dumpling this morning. The dumpling is more expensive than last year. Then, I said the dumpling ' gou kah ' ( high price ) already. As a result, my sister teased me. She corrected me, she said it's ' hei kah ' ( price rising ).

Make a cake with mum just now~ Yesterday, we went to Carrefour to buy that whipping cream. It was expensive, actually. I cut the cake into two. It was not balance. I don't know it was a success or a failure. The cake is still in the refrigerator. This cake is just for testing as me and mum are planning to make a beautiful cake for Father's Day. I am not making this cake for the first time. I had made many many many cakes but not this type - with whipped cream. Yummy:)

Just now when I was busy beating the cake [ not yet a cake, still cream ], dad finished cutting the fruits. So, I asked my sister to feed me. My sister fed me the mango. The mango was quite big and I ate it with just one bite. Sister said ' among all pigs in the world, my mouth was the biggest '! Then, I teased her back, ' among all the snakes in the world, her mouth is the smallest '. I said so because she might bite an apple for almost 100 bites. Ha ha.


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