Friday, June 26, 2009


I saw B.Teng at the corridor of our school. She waited for me [around 5 seconds for me to walk]. We walked into the school together. Almost late already~ Assembly, B.Teng sat behind me. Z.Yin sat behind B.Teng. Second time B.Teng sat behind me. Ha ha, B.Teng, it is countable.

Before BM class, I sat at the back because my position was very hot and the ventilation wasn't good at all. Aisyah was giving papers on the "yuran". Z.Yin forgot to take for me. So, I was like "Zhen Yin, didn't take for me ar?". She quickly replied "我不会忘了你,小宝贝". Zhen Yin, I was kidding only. Sorry. And then, we were giving geli weird names to B.Teng, S.Phing, S.Sya, me and Z.Yin :)

BM class. S.Man, S.Sya and S.Phing weren't ready for their presentation yet they done it well. Next Friday, it is going to be our turns [Z.Yin, B.Teng and me]. KKSiong done the presentation in a very funny way. He didn't fail to make all of us laughed. Later after the presentation, don't know why S.Man and B.Teng fought and argued again. The whole day, we didn't talk to S.Man.

We went to 3dk7 as form 3 students were using our class for lectures. I already put my file on one of the tables and KKSiong suddenly rushed here and sat down. I scolded him but no use. So, we, 5, sat together with these Chinese guys beside us shouting like men selling fruits in pasar malam. S.Man sat far away. I guessed she was very bored. But we were on war with her. Hope she can change to a better person after realizing these. We chatted a lot of things. Non-stop.

Recess~ Standing like "so-poh" in the edge of the canteen with my "so-poh" friends. Kakaz. After that, went back to 3dk7. Continued our chatting session. And went back to our own class after that. Chatted the whole day. So happy can chat with them but S.Man didn't join us. S.Sya shouted loudly, "KHAI SIONG, AMY SAID SHE VERY BORING BECAUSE YOU NEVER SMS HER" [chinese]. Wow. My reaction was big because I never said that~ =.=

When on the way home, KKSiong said 'Amy, bye bye'. S.Sya asked him why never said bye to them and only to me. S.Sya is a little sensitive. But she is one of my most silliest friend. Don't know why things go different lately. Is it because the existence of S.Man? Anyway, love them the way they are now~ And I saw KKSiong's little brother in the car, he is super cute.

Did I catch a cold or some people are teasing me at the back?? Keep on ar-chu-ing since just now. From afternoon just now till now, more than 20 times already. Sneezing like a sa-poh like that~ My voice had been changing since school just now. Tomorrow going to take report card. Don't know what teacher will comment about me.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

shi man won't think she is wrong......watever....

khai siong's little brother very comel...haha...wanna hug his little brother?lol

i help khai siong say sorry to you...

ur teacher will say u very lazy....hahahaha

XiiaoBenDan said...

wasia...jumbohead you so bad de oh?-.-...
say amy say until like this...want me punch you arh? bully my friend XD...joking :X

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

how u know i am lazy?
in class, i very hardworking de.

hug a? not need la. just see then cukup already.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...