Saturday, June 13, 2009


Shocking ONE : B.Teng called my house phone yesterday asking bout Art folio. We chatted a while after that. If it were S.Phing or Z.Yin, it's very normal because they called me very frequently either on my hand phone or house phone. But B.Teng, erm - I think B.Teng is still okay geh but if S.Man called me, I will shock till death. A ha ha.

Shocking THREE : B.Teng sent me an email. A snake [ cobra ] - It was a video. B.Teng smsed and warned me about this before I opened the mail and I told her that you already told me, I won't get shock lurr. But apparently, I was wrong. It was normal at first. The last part was shocking. Ha ha!!

Shocking FOUR : Don't know who adjusted the air conditioner yesterday. So COLD. Much more COLDER than usual~ Brrr. I was freezing but was too lazy to adjust it. I just slept like a pig. And it felt very good.. I slept till 11.45am this morning.

Shocking FIVE : It's raining heavily at 4pm just now~ [ what a good news right? ] After a so-long-never-rain, at last, it rained cats and dogs. Hazy, go away please? You make everyone feels unhealthy and HOT.

Shocking SIX : I finished what my ART teacher asked us to do. 80% ler. I am quite satisfied with the work. The first time I am satisfied with my ART work. Hopefully I can make teacher satisfied too. I had sacrifice a lot for this.

Shocking SEVEN : Will need to attend school in two more days~ I am not very sure whether I like it or not. If school reopen, I will need to wake up early but can meet em'. If it's still holidays, I could sleep more but no meeting friends which means I will be very bored~ Confused.

What shocked you recently?!
Did you realize that Shocking TWO is actually missing? hahahaha!~
Smile more, everyone :)
" Laugh is one of the best medicine! " -amy-



Anonymous said...

haha. haze, haihh. so teruk lah. now a lot of people getting sick. drink more water! ;D

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

yeah~ amirah.
you too.
and take care of the one in WM.

miss you so much!!
hope u can get high marks on exam.

XiiaoBenDan said...

where's the shock 2?:X...i want to know XD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

shock of u kakaz.