Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Thursday.

A new day again~ Quite boring having to repeat every day's routines. But life must go on. Without any doubts, I just go on with my day.

Woke up, went to school, met my friends, listening to teacher, studied and anything that I can do in school. This morning, there was an event of Koperasi. After listening to the teacher in-charge, we went back to class at around 8.40am. Maths class. Exercises and exercises. Although it was kind of a lot. But I love doing it.

Geografi. Listened to teacher and did my own notes. Did exercises. Dont have enough time, so got to continue at home. Recess~ And then, Seni. We filled up a form for PMR [2010]. And finally, I got my marks for this subject. Just 1 mark away from A. Gosh! We also learned how to draw a human face.

We walked to 2dk9 and started my Moral class. B.Teng was drawing a face of me and Z.Yin. It don't really look alike. That picture was much prettier than me. And then, did some exercises. And went home after that. Not very tired. But kinda disappointed on something. I expect more than what I have today.


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