Friday, July 10, 2009

Love KH. Or?

You know! I want to improve my english to a better level. But how?

Today. Friday.
I reached school. S.Sya and S.Man were calling me like they're in emergency. But they weren't. Just calling for fun~ Assembly. First class, BM. Listened to my friends' presentation. Some were funny while others were boring. Next class, SEJ. Teacher kept on asking questions which make me very scared. BI, teacher just told us about his experiences on some general knowledge.

Recess with my so lovely friends recess. We saw Puan Lau. I was chasing for her but failed. After that, talking with my friends. Happy~ LoL. And then, competed with Sherlin to run to the class. I won today. Yesterday, she won! Kakaz. DOWNY.

Science. Teacher was absent. I sat at the back alone. Thinking a lot of stuff. I am useless. I mean it. Few drops of tears for missing my sister and regretted for my previous action. So silly. KH. We went to the KH lab. And teacher gave us some advices before we starting cutting the woods.

After some moments, we started measuring and so on, then went to cut the wood. I was quite nervous but I can overcome it. KKSiong kept shouting beside me because I did it abit wrongly. KKSiong helped some Malay girls to cut their woods and I am pretty sure these Malay girls fell in love with him. Wakaka!! I helped S.Man and Z.Yin to cut their woods because they were afraid and can't afford to smell the dust.

Bye-bye. Love this words so much. Some knew why. Right?



XiiaoBenDan said...

wow...downy?:X...nice 1..don't jealous amy xD hehe

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i can't help of my jealousness.
too high spirit of jealousness.