Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wangsa Maju.

[ Date : 4th July 2009 ]
[ Date of blogging : 11th July 2009 ]
That day, me and dad went back to Wangsa Maju at 10.30am to collect the rent. The tenant wasn't home and I mean dad made an appointment with him but he wasn't punctual enough. Waited for around 1 hour. I walked around and took some photos of it.
When the tenant came, he shook my hand~ So good-manners? When he came, dad said he look like MJ. Cause he was wearing a hat and a sunglasses. He is a negro. During their conversations, I didn't talk. Just dad and the man. The man called me 'the beautiful girl' several times. Is it to replace my name because you don't know my name? LOL. I think he was insane.
Dad chatting with the number 402 house uncle.

The field where I used to cycle.

The cat of 107 house. Can be my model?

G19 block. Miss it so much~



Green enough?

Stairs. Where I used to loiter with my friends. LOL.

LOL. Played with my neighbours when I was below 8 years old.

BYE Wangsa Maju!!


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