Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So happy my sisters are home. We eat together, watch movie together and everything together. I so sayang them. They are forever my best sisters. Without them, I need to sleep alone, play alone and nobody want to fight for the internet with me.

House is full of laughter again, for a week only. After that, they need to go back to thier Universities. I also hope they are studying hard and happy there. And I also need to study hard, but I am too lazy to open up the book.

So, my holidays plans is quite full after tomorrow. Hmm. Hope everyone will enjoy themselves in this 6 more days. I really hope it's a good beginning after all. Not much problems will occur. I love my family very much~ HAHA, fur coming up. Eeee. LOL.

This is the effect after long time not writing blog. All those "Eeee, Aaaa etc" words coming out~ A very short and simple post just to update my blog. The "ONE UTAMA" post, I will write it the day after tomorrow, when I am really really free.

Going out now, byes.


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