Friday, September 11, 2009

A week.

A week before Raya comes.
I am now 14 years, 4 months and 4 hours old.
11 September 2009 Friday.

This morning, went to school. On the way, I saw T.Tian and S.Phing about 100 metres away, so, I planned to disturb them. I walk nearer but T.Tian looked back, I gave her a sign showing her not to tell S.Phing. I poked S.Phing's stomach and she screamed very loudly. And then, we kept laughing. Ha ha, sorry!

After assembly, first class was BM. We were doing on some poems, teacher asked few students to go out and recite it. They asked me to go out, with KKSiong, Sri and Vinosa, but we all refused. I forgot to bring my literature book. But teacher didn't scold me, luckily. SEJ, was just doing exercises. BI, discussing on a essay.

Recess~ After 10 minutes being the canteen, went out of the canteen. They teased J.Eng, but don't know why J.Eng pushed me. I was almost falling down like a pig. After that, they teased Z.Yin, again, Z.Yin stepped and kicked my leg. I don't know why they don't dare to kick the tiger and lion but kicked me. Am I too weak? I wanted to say bad words, but I know I must be patience. Ahh, I don't care, such nonsense.

Back to class, Science. 5 minutes before the class ended, teacher gave us to play games [quiz]. But we were out of time, so, nothing much was done. Last class, KH. Drew the orthographic sketch. It took me around 30 minutes, kinda hard, but I finished it on time. Me and Z.Yin was sweating a lot as we were sitting at the edge of the class.

On the way home, I took out my umbrella as it was too sunny. I am very tan already, even tanner now. And I was taking a lot of stuff, causing my file to fall down and it eventually, broke.

Effect of being too playful while walking. I am not a multi-tasker, I am very clear with that~



Anonymous said...

sorry because of pushing u i also dono why i want to push u sorry

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

no lah.
i don't mind.