Saturday, September 19, 2009


My sisters are back yesterday. With loads of stuff in the car. Me and dad got to go down and fetch the stuff to come up. And it's really heavy. Anyway, I am happy they are home for a week.

Sisters are back but computer isn't very happy. It is sick again. Everytime eldest sister come home, it will sure make some problems. But it isn't her faults. Ha ha, maybe the previous life, they are enemy. It could be right?

Yesterday, I told mum about the stories that happened when I went to exercises. I told her a lot about J.Hui who had offended me the most, always. Mum don't know who is J.Hui, so I told her it's S.Man's brother. Then, her reaction was ..
Mum: J.Hui? You mean your boyfriend?
Amy: What? My boyfriend?
Mum: He always being with you de~
Amy: Not I being with him, is being with her sister.
... Grr. Why him? ...
And mum said she thinks like this because he is always coming to our house, following her sister. And he is brave enough to ask dad to play chess with him. And I know it is because my dad is friendly. Blah~ Impossible.