Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thanks Shi Yee for spending some times with me.. For my History's sake.. THX THX!!

It is 11 pm now.. And I haven't go to bed.. Cause I didn't touch the computer since 2 pm.. Unbelievable right?? LOL..

Today exam.. BI paper one.. Is okay.. But I think I have done a lot of mistakes.. 20 minutes before exam started, my stomach starting aching.. And I felt like sleeping alot.. Luckily, my stomach didn't ache when I did BI paper two.. If not .... I am going to get an "UNBELIEVABLE" results too..

Sivik.. Hard.. Confusing.. And I changed the correct answer to the wrong one.. Haiz.. BIG BIG mistakes..

Coming up tomorrow : SEJ and MORAL.. Oh, SEJ is hard, very hard.. I am memorizing like crazy.. Good lucks to me.. Good lucks to you.. GTG, bye and good night!!


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