Monday, November 16, 2009

Final countdown..

Today Maths paper 2 was on the average level, neither too tough nor too easy.. But paper 1 was like ... Quite hard. But I managed to finish it and double-checked but for now, there's one question I am sure is wrong.. PJK was kinda easy.. Cause between the A, B, C or D.. There's always one of the 4 answers which was very "exact" and straight-forward, no merry-go-round..

And today, Sri, Raffiq and KKSiong didn't come to school cause they are already in the south of Malaysia~ In JOHOR.. So fun.. So jealous.. =.=

Tomorrow is the final day.. I am waiting.. Still waiting and still waiting.. FOR IT TO END!! But tomorrow's is SCIENCE and GEO examination.. I am weak in both these.. So, got to add more oil..

I am having a lot of plans to be done on holidays.. Happy happy.. But next year, my NIGHTMARE.. Anyway, best wishes again!!



jay said...

nex year ur turn!!!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

=.= sad...