Monday, December 14, 2009

Back 2 Klang.

After school reopens, I promised to write essays in my blog. I meant, now I am taking a shortcut on all my posts. I told myself I was just relaxing my mind, not to think so much for this 1 month, for it to be refreshed the next month. See ya.

Sue-ann, me and Elaine..

My little cousin, Siang2 love sticking my mum~ HAHA.

Chu Wen + Chu Hui.

Feng Qing.

War on The Pooh.

Sayang back.

Kena buli by the budaks.

Zhu Wen.

Let's take a photo with Pooh.

RM 10 per hug, per photo.

Small version. And ...

Big version. ~.~

15 person eat @ steamboat restaurant.


Full already~
Then, Hong Hong kept taking the ice and played with us.
He had growed. == No more a cute kid, but naughty little boy.


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