Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 03.

Sue-ann sister gave me a box of chocolate biscuit, kinda expensive as for the amount. But yummy! Thanks sis. I got the picture but feeling lazy to upload. She said it wasn't a x'mas present. It was just something from her.

Elaine sister asked me whether I want a bun or a new pencil box. I told her, I want both. But she ended up, helping me to search for my calculator scientific in the messy study room AND helping me to wash my bag. For me, I ended up, getting nothing. HAHA.

Mum and dad only give me presents (always red packets) during Chinese New Year and Birthday. Don't celebrate Christmas much except for listening to X'mas songs / baking a cake / roast a chicken (yumyum, we did it today).

I missed 2005. Big family celebrating Christmas. Exchanging presents. Very happy and delighting for countdown'ing together for the brand new year. I love them ^^


* Will upload picture soon.


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