Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In car 2.

Oh good, second sister is going back to her Uni late on 1st of January. She can accompany me for few more days ^^ But she skipped her one week class.

................ (cantonese)
Amy: Dad, it's raining, cannot switch on the radio right?
Dad: Yes, turn it off.
Elaine: Hora ashimoto wo mite goran. Kore ga anata no ayumu michi. Hora mae wo mite goran. Are ga anata no mirai.
Dad: The radio isn't turned off yet *laughs*.
Amy: Okay. That's our Elaine singing Mirae. I am DJ Amy. You are listening to ONEfm OH,E,OH, 你是我的number 1. Coming up next Elaine singing "Dai Go" by Janice Wei Lan.
Elaine: Yu goh, heng mui sum ching tai doh, ......?
Elaine: Eh Amy, I finished singing already~
Amy: Aiya, enough la. My duty stopped at 9pm and it's raining heavier already! HAHA.

Elaine: Mum's so cute like Doraemon.
Amy: Yes yes, especially when she walked faster ^^
Mum: Hi everyone. ^^
Elaine: Mum, you look like Doraemon.
Mum: Really? Why?
Amy: Because you're cute and round.
Mum: Haha. Is it.


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