Monday, December 28, 2009

In car.

Recently, my sister is interested with my phone. She took my phone but I don't allow her. I seemed to be very "mean" right? I am sms-ing with some boys, recently. If she get to know this, she would misunderstand, I supposed. SORRY.

First sister went back to her University already~ Felt so boring~ One people missing in the house to argue with me ^^ But her Uni is quite near while my second sister is FAR. I love going to school but I knew when school re-opens, their Uni are going to re-opens too.

....In car 1....
Mum: Dynasty hotel for wedding dinner only RM781 per table.
Amy: You wanna do it for Sue-ann?
Mum: No, for you.
Amy: What? When I get married, it would be RM7000 already~
Elaine: Do it on a ship is better, and marry a rich man.
Mum: Marry the boy, your friend's brother.
Amy: NO WAY!!
Elaine: OhMyGod, I preferred Shaun Lee as my brother-in-law.
Amy: =.=

....In car 2....
Mum: See, the car in front, be careful!!
Dad: If the driver couldn't see YOU, he really got some problems.
Mum, Amy, Elaine: *laughs*.


Yin Yang.. Is it? HAHA.

Hokkien Mee.