Friday, February 5, 2010


I lived my life today :) I don't care what others say. Or maybe only you~ So like to be so sarcastic. Who cares what you want to say, it's your mouth, I won't stop you, go ahead then. You live your life and I will live mine. If you're expecting so much from me, then find another better ones. *** "you" is obviously not Sya's.

The previous year, 2009, I dislike some people but this year I felt they are really great and are quite of my everything. I love them! But I also changes a people, last year I felt she's so good, this year was erm, too bad to say that, she's not of anymore my bestie, because she is very selfish. My description is not very good~

I promised SyaSya to write about Cross Country today and NOW! HAHA, coming up next is the post. She's been waiting or ... ? HAHA. Sya's very considerate and I kinda like her. She know what is moderation. haha, prasing her, tomorrow she will "kiu mou".

^^ Superb.


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