Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY preparation!

Yesterday, had spring cleaning in the house~ So tired~ Right after school, came home with S.Phing and J.Eng. After they gone home, me, my second sister and dad started spring cleaning. Cleaning windows, flat surface, changing cushion cover etc. Dad was cleaning the balcony when suddenly he asked me “you seen a lizard egg before?”. I said no. He showed me and he pressed it! It was mum’s decoration stones. ==

At night, we went to night market for stuff. Later went to Carrefour. Bought quite a lot of stuff. Varies from mandarin oranges, biscuits and dad’s hair gel. Mum told dad that she wanted Valentine gift. WOW! Haha. I wish I had one too~ Dad bought mum chocolates.

While paying, dad signed on the credit card statements and said “it’s so easy to sign but when the bills come”. We all smiled, haha!! I told mum I saw Teh Seong Fu whom always said me “fei po” when Form1. Mum intended to call him but I told her not! Later in car, dad and sister talke about Teh Cheok Sing, primary friend. Miss them so much deh~

Today, sis and mum went to Pudu to buy CNY stuff~ Left dad and me in home. After that, eldest sister came home! She brought back so many stuff, just like as she wanna move house. I helped her take stuff from her car to the lift and to the house. And I got my souvenir from HongKong. It’s a cute pig torchlight. Thanks sis!

Me and Sue-ann jie got help out in the kitchen. One funny thing was, I asked mum what was it. Mum said “deng dun gu”. I was like “Chinese New Year eat this one?”. LOL! Deng dun gu means something not good. Hmm. Waiting to eat it later.

I have finished up 8/10 of my homeworks :) Cheers to that.

Earings from HongKong~

Souvenir for Elaine.

Inside it looks like this.

Mine~ I know I am a pig and forever a pig.

Biscuits + pomolo~ :)

Come my house~ Finished up all these!!

Mandarins and drinks, got beer de!

Yu Sheng :)

Honey bacon and +++ . Mum queue up an hour for this.

My previous year hong bao~
Total : RM 575. Enlarge to have a look.

Money. Helped mum to put in the money.

First of all, I don't know what this is called.

Second of all,
I think this is combination of mushroom and fish flesh.

This is ... Uhm ..
I know the name but forgot.

.... Black black de ....

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