Friday, February 5, 2010

Cross Country.

*Look below: A story to be told part 1: Storyline based on pictures and no offence, guys~

I ran ran ran very hard, but didn't win. Elaine jie~ Teach me how to win? HAHA. She's been getting number ONE since form2 till form 6. Form1 she got number 2~ =)

That morning, went to school. Met Sya, S.Man, Z.Yin, S.Phing and J.Eng~ Three reds. Uhm. I am getting jealous. Then, went to class for teacher to check on attendance. Soon, queued up in Gamma. Aerobics was boring. Later on, waited till around 9.30am before started running around in Danau Kota.

It's was very hot and the sun is really blazing. I was lack of water but endure until the last step. Mum and dad were at condo's guard house waiting for me. Mum said "jia you"~ But still, I got number 14. 14 and dunno why minus by 2. 12~

Later on, waited for S.Man and S.Sya to arrive. They arrived 10 minutes after me. And lastly, J.Eng and B.Teng 20 minutes after me. I drank a lot of water that day. Around 1500 ml. And I am heavier by 2 kg(s). GOD~ My CNY target. LOL.

At around 11.30am, medals were given out. Everyone was ignoring the teacher. And just chit-chatted. At 12pm, walked home with S.Sya and J.Eng, my lifelong companion. LOL! HOWEVER, I support GAMMA!! Hhmmm.

*most photos isn’t taken by me.

Yum yum. After a long journey.

J.Eng and S.Man resting.

S.Sya and Herman.

Guess whose legs is this?


Run till got hole edi~

Serious blisters.

Actress and actor.
Amy Ng May Kay - director.

Kho Jia Eng - secretary.

Yap Shi Man - vice secretary.

Sya Sya Syahira - side actress.

Yap Jia Hui - side actor.

Foong Wai Loong - medical officer.

Main actor - Wilson Lai.

Main actor - Koo Khai Sheng.

Once upon a time,
there was a guy who always act cute and cool~

he had a friend called Jumbohead [green].

they went to a beach and had a sweet times there.

they also took a picture. A very happy and sweet photo.

Suddenly, Jumbohead kissed on him.
Paparazzi was following right behind their steps.
The story ends with .... (think yourself) haha!