Friday, February 5, 2010

Tuesday =) =(

2 more days to CNY holidays~ My sisters are coming home this Thursday. One on the afternoon, another maybe Friday morning. Yeepee. But they will only come home for 10 days. Then, I will be all alone again. Sometimes, I really feel boring and alone in the house. Only got dad and mum~ But they don't accompany me much.

Today, before going to school, I got a lot of stuff to tell my friends but once I reached school, I don't have the mood already~ I didn't talk much before Physical Activities. We all brought badminton racquet for PJ.

But after I play awhile with ZhenYin, I went to chit-chat with SiewPhing. She talked a lot about songs, which I am not-so-good in. Later on, JiaEng invited me to have a tournament with her~ FINE. HAHA. Gamma vs Delta. We never count marks. Lastly, I played badminton with ShiMan and JiaEng. 2 vs 1. First first got 3:0. Guess what? I was the 3~ Later S.Sya came. And played. Lastly, 7:6. Of course, GAMMA IS THE WINNER! LOL - no offense ya!

Recess~ My hair was so wet. I started disliking PA. After recess, KH. Just copied some notes. Then, BM. Went to JiaEng and ZhenYin. Watched others write Chinese Essay. And later on, played with JiaEng and ZhenYin. I haven't count with you two~~~ Kept molesting me for 2 or 3 times. HAHA just joking la !!

Last class, MORAL. Sit at the most back row. Hard to see the words. Luckily got JiaEng helped me~ I think my eyes got some problem. Somedays, I am going to borrow JiaEng's specs. Erm. Bell rang. Went out of the class. My racquet holder was stuck on the door. Got one people helped me put out. Who know that KKSheng pushed him and ***** == I chased after him, but didn't get of course. HAH, hng~~

Not happy lourr.. Having to be angry all the times made me tired.. Having to smile fakely also make me really tired.. I really don't have that talent to be a good friend.. That's it.. Good night, guys~


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