Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wednesday, I hate Wednesday.......... Because need to wear that lousy PBSM shirt~~~~ It's so hot and I hate wearing it because I looked really ugly in it. Or maybe I am ugly wearing everything.

Today, early morning went school~ Feeling sleepy and tired~ First class, erm, Maths. It's 1hour and 10minutes but I felt it's so long like 2 hours? Anyway, I love Maths. Don't feel tired. Next, Science. Got no teacher, but have a lot of homework from Maths class, so, done it all during Science time - leisure time.

Recess~ B.Teng got mad~ Sorry~ Haiz.. Later, BI class. Teacher also no come in. Isn't form 3 very important? Why seemed like all teachers are missing? Last class, Geo. Teacher was busy, so, she left some notes for us to copy. And 1.10pm, took food from mum.

B.Teng and Z.Yin said the food I am eating "look" tasty. And kept looking at me. == HAHA, LOOK ONLY :) Later drink water cause mummy put quite a lot of cillies in it. Hot and tired~ 2.30pm start PBSM. Sat down.

All the AJK didn't do anything. It's so boring. Later, divided us into groups but we didn't stay in the group we were supposed to. In fact, me, J.Eng, Z.Yin and S.Phing sat in a group. But teacher realized it and asked Z.Yin and S.Phing to move to another group~ Sitting in a group same with KKSheng is really ... fan~~ He kept say I wanna molest him or what-so-ever thing which is disgusting.

After PBSM, went to get change in the washroom with S.Phing, J.Eng and Z.Yin. LOLX~ My friends all so funny. Erm. Not funny is how to say, erm, friendly. They kept up with my jokes. After my change, we went out. For another club, BADMINTON. The whether was so hot. Changed many places already~

After school, walked home like usual. Reached the condo guard house, J.Eng and S.Sya gave me their Science books, for tomorrow, I bring to school. I walked with the Science text books on my hand, together with my belt, yellow card, badminton racquet and my sling bag full with the PBSM clothes, tupperware, book and mum's paperbag. So, it's kinda hard for me to walk~ Counted as bully or not? Reached home. Placed everything on the floor and opened two locks. So "ma fan" lah~ But anyway, tomorrow I am GOING to ask dad to fetch me to school~ If not, I am dying too!

Now I am cooling myself down. Just now really felt so ... annoying. I am going to have my dinner + cold cola or milo~ It's going be a good good day :) To be optimistic. To feel happy for the way I live. For what I have now. Thanks~ Don't try ruin my day by saying something stupid, because it will not work~ If you know me well, you know me~


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