Monday, March 8, 2010


Today a late post from me~

I summarized it all. School was cool today. Assembly for PPDA was boring. Then, B.Teng told me the story about the books we borrowed last week. I didn't manage to read all of them but she did. She is a real pro. She summarized the English book into Cantonese version and kept laughing. I followed her, kept laughing because the way she present it is extremely funny + interesting :)

First class, Science. No book. Second class, BM. Not long after teacher came in, we went down for the "pameran". Look after those girls' and boys' part (I looked onto girls only lar). Recess in the library. Moral class, kept playing with Jodie. I asked her one weird question, she poked me once. She poked me more than 10 times already~ That means I asked her more than 10 silly questions. Maths and finally BI class. Home~

At 2.15pm, dad haven't reached home yet, so, I walked to school. It's hot but my new umbrella is anti-UV~ Good thing. I felt great using it. Reached school, ngam ngam saw S.Man. Walked in together. NADI class. Uhh, sad thing. One sad thing which no one realized happened to me. First class, Maths and last class, Science. Science teacher is funny, he is not fierce at all. He is Encik Hilmi. :)

So, I will be very busy the days ahead. Sad days ahead of me, HAHA! Monday afternoon got NADI. Tuesday afternoon got NADI. Wednesday afternoon got CO-CURRICULUM. Thursday afternoon got NADI. Friday, can rest~ So, do you think you want to be like me or the old me (sleep the whole afternoon out)? But For Your Information, I don't feel tired at all. I think I am used to it already~ No naps on afternoon! YAY! I am very glad~



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