Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am not in the mood.

It's now, a bumpy ride of my life. 

Why so many problems occurred?

All the problems aren't solved.
All the questions don't have answers.
Everything remains mystery.
Everything remains undone. 

To be a leader isn't easy. Especially when it takes a lot of effort to think, to brain-storm for the coming plans. And yea, it would be easier if everybody/every member is co-operating. Now that, problems often occur but why is it occurring so much, at the same time. I cannot handle this on my own. It's a really heavy burden. I am feeling tired.

I've put a lot of effort on something. I've put all my heart on doing it. It will succeed sooner or later but because of some of my carelessness/ my desire of something. The thing I've been taking all way now was very lusting. Yea, it is. I hate it when I broke my principle just because of the "something".  

I've been kinda busy lately with loads of stuff and responsibility on my hand. I promised myself not to procrastinate on anything, but yet, I am just taking it easily. I promised myself and I broke the promise. Sorry to those that I didn't reply in MSN at 8pm-8.30pm now. Doesn't feel good now. Really sorry.

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