Monday, July 19, 2010


11 June 2010
Date of blogging: 19 July 2010.

Going to done all blogging until 18 July 2010. I vomited today. This is the second time of my life. But I think I am okay after eating 3 medicines. Show you guys (people) soon. The reason why I placed a bracket is because daddy said cannot use "guys" for "girls". So okay, peoples! I am engaged to Raffiq Noor Wochait today! hahahahah! Though the two KKS said I cannot visit Chinese restaurant anymore after becoming Muslim, who cares? (jk)!

Elaine jie came back for her SIFE presentation at Putra World Trade Center. We went to visit her on the day she returned KL. She is staying for 3 days at Seri Pacifik hotel. So, yea, went to meet her, ate lunch and then, a walk at The Mall! I bought a new face cleanser. I was getting scolded for buying so much cleanser. =( Show my cleansers and shampoos soon. I think I used too varies and it showed on effects (bad one)! LOL!

Seri Pacific hotel located opposite The Mall.

The cat kept meowing.

Randomly taken.

I thought of taking picture with the greeneries =)

The girl who talked non-stop that particular day. jkjk, haha!

It's the sungai what and sungai what. Can't recall.

Muara sungai. When X meets Y.

Her namecard. Elaine Ng.

DINNER AT 9pm. Long queue at Taman Bunga Raya.

Spicy and not very tasty only.
But my parents love it. Love it lahh ;)

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