Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Happy Birthday WonJien - Sunday, 1st August.
Happy Birthday dear ZhenYin - Tuesday, 3rd August.

2nd August 2010.
-made muffins but wasn't that tasty this time!

Got 3 mangoes from BeeTeng's home. Didn't expected. Anyway, THANK YOU!~

3rd August 2010.
Early morning wished Ah Ying ;) Then, assembly. After that only realized I forgot to bring Civic notebook. Panicked. But luckily teacher talked bout stories today. So, didn't really need to copy notes. Next, PJK. Changed clothes in the toilet. Then, played badminton near the badminton court. Fun xD Changed back to school uniform but forgot to bring my baju kurung just brought the skirt. Then, ran out from toilet with the skirt and took it. Recess, ate Nasi Lemak. KH class did some exercises> BM class<> Finally<> Nadi BM and MATHS class> Teacher came in late<> I HAVE RED EYES NOW BYE AND WHY KEYBOARD SEEMED TO BE SOMETHING WRONG? eyes paining byeess

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