Saturday, November 6, 2010

♥ 21 October 2010.

It was the class party. I guessed everyone enjoyed themselves to the MAX! Early in the morning, we faced some minor problems. The problems were we were told to do the party in the school hall. But it was too open and no more privacy for us. So, we decided to use Bilik Kemanusiaan for it. We were also requested to pay RM30 as deposit. Anyway, we started clearing the tables, chairs, cleaning up which were very tiring. After cleaning everything, 3C students suddenly got angry. They went away, then, left us, 3A + 3B.

We started eating at around 10am. Teachers come and go. We started playing games after that. True or dare. Very unlucky, I kena once. I am asked to drink the carbonated drink with some mee inside (thanks to my bii, i am very used to drinking weird stuff because we very frequent drink weird stuff especially during Karaoke session). Later on, make-up time. I was partnered with Sani. I drew his face, very nice, but he cincai drew me and I looked like a SOLDIER. Oh my God, I went to wash my face after the winners were announced. Me and Sani were among the best faces (lah?) haha!

At around 12pm, we started clearing up. Co-operation were the most important thing during the day. We cleaned up everything by 12.40pm. Everyone was hanging out inside and outside the class. We went home at 1pm. I got 2 hampers. I am not aiming for the hampers but for the JOY and HAPPINESS and TIME shared with my lovely friends.


Aikss~~ Kakak bully adik.

With Puan Endang.

J.Eng, me, Z.Yin and B.Teng.

My hong kong leg.

Me and the future chef !

Poke balloon.

Excited . LOL .

The Sinia and me : )

My partner of the day, SANI ! BEFORE.


xxx, K.Siong, Sani, me and K.Sheng.

Me and Raffiq.

Sani and me !

Me and Sya. I like my hairstyle here. But covered one eye.

The 6 of us. Sya is missing. From Nicholas's camera.

Me and hamlou holding my camera. From Suhaila's camera.

Me and Suhaila ! :)

With Vinosa :)

With Princess (Puteri).
Raf, SP and me :) Muacks.

S.Man, Charissa, Sya.

Me and xxx. HAHA! I forgot his name. Sorry!


1 happy family picture :)
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