Monday, May 30, 2011

May30 2011.

Half year is almost gone.. Getting older day by day but my attitude never will change.. It have been like months since I've updated the blog.. And I started feeling some awkwardness in writing..

Facing the computer 12/7 (half of 24/7) is making my eyes more blur, mood gone worst. I haven't face any books yet since the holidays started. Tahniahlah~

Hmm. People keep on changing. Some from bad to good. Some from good to bad. I've always been bad, notice me not.

There PP I start a new life. Leaving behind all the footsteps behind. I get 100% used to it right now. There we have a group of friends. The people there were okay, friendly. I was as usual, the cheerful ones.

I started getting lazy and don't know what's the meaning of life. Friends are there. Everyone is there. Family is here. All beside but I just don't know how to appreciate. It seems though I was not grateful enough.

Sorry. I am doing something really wrong right now. I always wanted something but when it comes, I denied them, that's me, a very weird me, nobody would understand. What you give is what you take in return (that's it). Good income, good outcome. Bad income, bad outcome.

What happened to my English lahh. TOEFL takers so called.

Mink , miss you . Ching Sheng , miss you . Wei Tseng , miss you . Victoria , miss you . Taiwan , I miss you . APEC people , miss you . PP people , TQ . Dearest family , love you . PP 三国 friends , like you . What's more ? Deep inside you'll find out .

周杰伦 :我已经变了,但也来不及了!

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