Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here comes another little post.

Today I am stucked in the Keretapi Tanah Melayu station (KTM) with Kelly, Elena and Bellen for almost an hour. And the unlucky thing was that we were stucked inside that sardin can for an hour before releasing myself into the Light Railway Transit (LRT) for half an hour (this much better than KTM). I am not good with the public transport in KL, like seriously. After bidding farewell with Elena and Bellen which were quite heartening, I walked to the other escalator in KL Central to go to Kelana Jaya, speechless actually.

I have been in KL CENTRAL for like thousands of times and yet I don't know which way of LRT station TO HOME, NOT AWAY FROM HOME, somemore I texted sis for confirmation where it is, how far is it from where. And when queuing to buy tickets, habis pula; WHAT? Ok, never mind, it's not my first time buying LRT tickets. Kelly texted me telling me she has reached safely with her aunt, good! :) Upon reaching, I called dad to fetch me, fuhh, I miss Wangsa Maju so much and I feel so close and had memories of that place. Then, went to Titiwangsa Lake eat eat before go fetch mummy. Now, I am home, and I am going to blog, upload pictures for the month of September and October. Stay tune. :]

The night we ate together, played together until before midnight. It is the best if we can always play together but not studying together. Not sure how. Not sure why. I love you guys very much! Sorry, if sometimes I act differently, I am not sure.

Lit Phen told us about the event. We were still wondering for a long time before we make the decision. It's a very fun activities anyhow, I am/was doing voluntary works, hoped for more. That night really worked out for me. I get to usher, get to see shaolin kungfu from little african orphans, get the experience to accept donation from public and get to sing along with ZhiYou and listened to him singing (for the first time,actually).

The MERDEKA marching in the UKM Stadium. Competing with all other colleges, and no wins, but at least, we participated :) And had loads of fun and sweat too.

The tanglung celebration. One with family, one with girlfriends and another with all the friends. Though WangsaMaju friends invited me to go back to play along with them but I didn't. I will, next year or the years after. Miss you guys, WM and DK friends. Argh!

The BSMM camp which was held on Malaysia Day at Lanchang, Pahang was good. I really enjoyed the camp though almost everything there I've learnt before in BSMM KL. Just enjoy lah, no stress, no worries, no nothing *winks* ! For the whole camp, only the simulation impressed me, but SUKBEL 2010's simulation is 100% better than this.

This is Liew Nyan Fatt. That day coincidentally we wore the almost same colour, or supposed to say K2 planned the colours. But his shirt colour matched mine. So, we took pictures and he didn't complain for the very first time. Woah.

Echeh. Our assignments. This keyboard I do. I did it at night in the cafe when chit-chatting with Choo and Jinnie, and saw Akif and his friends eating supper downstairs. Nice right? Yeah, aha!

HELP university. Of course, haven't start the competition yet. It's for the opening ceremony, briefing and stuff. Opening by the HELP director. Briefing from the celebrity (8tv).

BBQ night. Eventually a very tiring night, not sure why, after back from HELP, rushed to help out on the plates and cups, arrangement etc. The games, not bad, but I am just too tired for the long day without a nap and with the sickness. Ate MCD that evening before the BBQ party, MissIng treated us ^^~ Really nice, but I have sore throat, lucky Choo reminded, but I still eat them, regretted for my action tho ! :)

This is Jessy. Not sure why, she likes to wear like a boy when taking picture with me. Anyhow, I think she's really cute, but fierce at times. Okay, buddy :)

Okay, this nice picture. Click to enlarge la. This is the view from my house balcony. This is the left side, another side was KLCC for 2010. Can you see the difference? It was once empty, and now it has turned into a chaotic area. Anyhow, I am glad. The KL FESTIVAL shopping mall (in the second pic: over the lake) is opening soon (it's BIG and a stone away from my house). TESCO is going to be built right beside my condo. This place is going to be a busy area with a lot of people and cars next time. Convenience + facilities = home sweet home! ^^~

The fridge. Not enough magnets. Sis bought some from London, Paris and where else. Hope soon we will have more :) That means more travelling. :D (it's 1:30am now, I am all alone in the living hall, surely my eye bags going to come out tomorrow, but I must finish this post, though the level of lethargicness is thickening).

The RUBIANS. Yeah!

Yeah, doing Chemistry laboratory (I am surprised at this time I can still spell the word "laboratory"), this word was once in my spelling test during primary school. (however I can still hardly spell the word "chrysanthemum" correctly)! This is the fact. ;)

Alright, last picture, the trip to DECTAR, UKM for the AUFA programme. All the performances were really nice and entertaining. I gave my biggest applause to Vietnam because I remembered Minh and Na. Miss Ing also realized that and asked what if Minh was here. I just nodded. I wanted to tell Miss Ing I am still keeping in contact with him and currently he is in Australia persuading studies :) This is left untold. As this is not important. What's important now is, ..... to sleep (it's 1.41am).

Finally, GOOD NIGHT :) I've done one good post after for about a year! Blogger good night :) The air-cond is dewaiting me in my lovely bedroom. Bye (don't tell me I wrongly placed any pictures or spacing etc, I am not going to see it)!

Indeed, a very late post!

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