Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Delayed Picture, lol !

Christmas Celebration with family. No not exactly, its pic of the FOOD only!
I am really crazy of good delicious food :)

Here they come!

Another pic of this one.... Yummy, it really does smell good!

Here's the roasted chicken.. Actually its not done, but, i am too impatient,.. So open and see hows it going !

Start eating cake already! Only remember to take photos.. ka ka.. tak ada kerja?
Ha ha! This is the process of the cake. My mum love making cake, but I'm sort of hating this! lol!

Didn't take photo of eating pula! :( ka ka, anyway, my new hair-style does look ugly!


Anonymous said...

turkeyyy! :D

Anonymous said...

oh chicken. looks like turkey XD

amy ng may kay said...

exactly look like chicken..
haha, so small..
turkey 3x bigger lo..
ate once! haha.