Monday, December 29, 2008

Not superb excited .

My mom isn't the biggest problem though.. My father neither.. My second sister is sometimes! ..
I'm getting madder and madder with her..

Today we went to Times Square planning to shop for the coming CNY and my sister is currently searching for job to gain experience before she starts her University days. So, we went there for some walk-in interview.. First interview was at the 'shop selling diamond', dun remember what name la. If is not mistaken, Lorazel? dun remember...

My mother's friend's godson was working there, as his mother asked my sister to interview too as the salary wasn't bad! A girl there, was bad, she asked my sister, if next time you're working here, make-up better! Lol, she did get my sister's nerve.. ha ha! After that, we went to the ladies with my sister.... Mom and dad was waiting outside! My sis cried.. -.- disappointed! Be confident of yourself babe!

My sister don't have the mood to interview anymore, she cried and she scolded me and mummy..Anyway, we went to some stores, looking for shoes and clothes.. Failed to buy anything.. Bought some make-up thingy. One new eye-liner and a mascara at the shop named 'Elianto'..RM40 ! expensive duhh. Next we went walking around..and went into a swimming suits shop named arena. That's where my sis got her job. 1st Jan, start work..

But i m not sure if my sister is going to work there early next month!
Me, mom, dad..... went to Bread Story to buy bread.
Soon,. buy already sure eat la! ha ha.. I'm not very happy on this trip.

Kinda bored and took some photos :) ha ha, tak masuk akal. lol.

This one isn't the KLCC, is the KL tower! lol.

OMG, i really hate my new haircut :( and P/S buckle up your seat belt or else RM2000 fine or jail ! take notice !
That thing blocked my view la!
ha ha! this one.. blur..
This picture is from the 'Jade City' shop near the Bread Story bakery shop.. I've no idea what is this.. but my mum said its nice, so i took a picture of it =PEvery shopping mall has a Christmas tree during Christmas.. or more than just one.. and this one is the times square one!
Mummy and Daddy =)
Here we go, me and my second sister :)

Byes End 28th DEC 08.. 2009 gonna arrive soon!
Make the new 2009 a better year :)
Actually, I'm not really clear on what I'm writing...

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waa. pavilion. nice. but things. not my type. uhh. mahal sgt. changed blog URL!