Wednesday, December 24, 2008

KLCC? kuala lumpur city center? i dunno.

My sister drove me to Wangsa Maju at 11am . Reached LRT, all my friends were already there.. except for one or two reaching at 11.30am. We started our journey from LRT WM to KLCC.. We reached KLCC at 12pm,. I'm hungry..When i am in hunger,I cannot think la..! Take me to EAT!

Ha ha, after buying tickets for movie, we went to Mcd.. Its FULL HOUSE.. then, we went to KFC.. FULL also! Last choice, BURGER KING.. Yeay, we found a place to sit there.. Ate a bbq cheese burger, french fries and vanilla coke :) yummy. We took bout almost 1 hour to finish these food!

Not long after that, we walked outside the klcc ; near the pool.. Loads of ppl snaping pictures ..
Nice view nice environment (; (; This is my third fourth or fifth time coming to klcc..
klcc is kinda peak. i rather prefer times square or sg wang.!

Nevermind, I've made my mind on that... Soon, we went walking around.. going to toilet(s).. the toilet was cool?! cool? did i mean cool?=X
ha ha..

2.40pm We went to the cinema.. bought some pop corn and drinks..
The people there said five minutes b4 the movie starts only we can go in..
Uhmm, one of my friends dropped his popcorn.. pity him!

We went in...................................................................
and watched the HISTERIA, Malay movie though..
Cant choose, my friends majority, have already choose that..
thought of watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Wild Child.. FAILED.

HISTERIA a Malay movie.. Quite nice ;) scary but silly...... ha ha... After that, we walked around looking for snacks again.. ha ha, never buy anything..

Then, we went to the LRT. OH MY GOD, there hundreds of ppl there buying tickets.. My friend very kind., he waited at the counter to buy tickets for us.. ty ty! While waiting for the long queue.., we went to Roti Boy and bought some 'roti' there.. ha ha! :O .

Uhmm, going back going back..... Reached LRT, okay, its time to say good-bye... 'BYeByE' the word came out from my mouth. XP All of them said 'Amy, Keep in touch okay?' and i said 'Of course and For Sure' and bye! I went to the bus. 10minutes later, the bus started to move.. Reached the destination, I walked for 10minutes :)
Thanks god. I'm home at 6.30pm.. But I kept sweating..

That's all :) lol. Wish to write more.. but i kept on doing English grammar mistakes..
hate thissssssss =)

School going to start on 5th Jan.. 12 days countdown.. is it ah? My maths!


Ammmyyyy ! KLCC day.

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