Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice Day.. 'Dong Zhi Jie Kuai Le! '

It's Winter Solstice Festival :) 21st DEC ! ! ! Time to eat eat, tang yuen =P One year once..

Just now at bout 3pm.. Me and my mum made the tang yuen.. deli deli! And i after eating that, I am now 14 years old.. congrats amy. lol lol XP Old already lurrr.. but still TEENagers ma =X

Me and sen smsed each other every single minute, hour and day since I've reloaded credit few days ago.. OMG, gonna PK le! But nevermind, I miss her so much! Because I've already moved school to Danau Kota.. I miss all of you! Cant stop my mind of thinking u, him, her and them! LOL, stop that AMY..! You'll surely meet them again someday somewhere!
And YES, I'll, I'll !!!!!!

Some photos of the tang yuan i made :)
Happy Family together! yaahooo.. =P

Here's half.............. aiyooo.. process didn't take photo! i did the flour.. and daddy mummy sis(s)made the round round one.. I very 'geng' de ohh! haha.. kidding! not cooked yet!

Here's another half.. :) yummy! * process = cooking *

One for Daddy, One for Mummy, One for Sueann Jie, One for Yeelin jie, and one for ME! he he!

She's 'tam sam'.. Make the tong yuen big big.. So that she can eat more! lol,joking.. Second Sis :P

TV + TY (tong yuen).. This daddy very pandai enjoy, ate almost 20 tong yuen!take my one! :(

Eldest sis eating :) She very fierce one.. he he jkjk la!

Mummy with the delicious colourful wonderful tangyuen!

Last but not least, fat pig eating 'Tong Yuen ' lol!


Anonymous said...

where got fat pig de. waa. tang yuen, delicious! i likee. so colourful~ <3

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