Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A lot of wedding dinner!

Yes alot! Its been so long since I've updated my blog.. Because i have forgotten my password! Now ok le maybe?

Okay now! We start all over again.. Fine? uhmm.. Now holidays, my 2nd sis is on exam.. And i cant go out so often! And i got to stay alone at home, nobody playing with me except the computer.. My condo have swimming pool ++ gym ++ tennis court.. and that wont make me bored anyway..
Just nobody coming and playing with me? Alone? No way, im not going alone to swimming, gymming or tennising :) lol..

My eldest sister was having her 21st bday.. And party was held on 23th Nov 08.. Was nice! She receive quite loads of present.. Happy 21st Bday! ILY..

Right yea right my title was a lot of wedding dinner.. First thing first, congrats sis Ai Mei (cousin).. You have found your life's partner.. Hope you both will be happy forever and forever.. There's still some wedding dinner(s) .. But no need tell out names le ba! ha ah ^^

WEDDING ......


ShiYee fish said...

new blog?
i think i going to redo my blog too~

wish u tis time won forget ur password lor~

zainalalieff said...

haha. u should held a birthday party also. then, u will get loads of present. nak?

Anonymous said...

party? haishhh! jealous. hahaha. if you make don't forget to invite me~