Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My grammar getting worser and worser

My English grammar is really getting worse this holiday :) Holiday or holidays?? Not going to school.. So boring and make me more stupid!

And its normal right? The lazy feeling of not reading books at home! =) But I've read some form2's book.. Phantom of the opera.. Quite nice revolving Christine, Eric and [Vaous] or something like that.. Nice la.. Sen said it's triangle love story.. Its quite short.. but Sen said its better.. If need memorize, very 'shen fu' wor !! ha ha =]=]

Uhmm.. Oh ya.. that day, 28th I've called many many people! Sen, ShiYee, Hana, Mimo, Wanie, Syifa, Willy, MeiYee, Leong Siah, and many more.... The longest i talk to- 1hour !!!! ha ha ha ha XD Its so good can chat 1hour ha ha.. Long time no meet, very miss u all le!!
Your face, your voice, your everything.. I love when we study together.. You teaching me, I teasing you..



Anonymous said...

amy, you cannot call me liao. my phone sot sot jor. hahahaha. miss you tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;(


zainalalieff said...

sot sot jor makne die rosak eh?