Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 09'

I'll explain it in simple and short passage :) Chinese new year ma, so should rest more. Less blogging! he he.

This CNY, very different.. Because we celebrate 09' NIU year in a little different place. And cannot play basketball at night with collin, sam, san, simone, cyee and my sisters. :(

We eat together, play (cards aka gamble... and see-saw[shouting so loud]) together in Kepong and Klang! The conclusion of this Chinese new year : i love being with family especially cousins!
I got hong bao from families of the total of RM five hundred ++ . because mum and dad gave me a big amount of money =]

新年快乐!:)happy always!


Anonymous said...

aaa! 500+?!?!! i only got 200 =.=

amy ng may kay said...

got loads of it from dad and mum.
tak kira a!
uncle and auntie almost more than 100 only.

actually i didnt really counted it.
i just agar agar.

Fish-Shi Yee said...

me only around 300-400wor...
but nvm la...
money not the most important d...
can gather with family is the mossssst iiiimportant for CNY
i prefer to use my own computer..
laptop was not tat good for me..