Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today, hard to believe easy to forget!

Hard to believe that i attended Chinese class today ; Chinese is so hard so hard! Almost fainted! i just know 1/10 of what is the teacher talking about! But luckily, i got S.phing, explaining things to me.. Thks her for being a caring friend. she is really nice and pretty. She didn't do her work in Chinese class, to explain the Chinese word for me. Thank You again!

This morning, my condominium's lift is out of service. I went out of the house at 7am, and found out that both the lift wasn't working. And i got to walk down those stairs :( 12th floor! its so 'kong bu'! A little dark. and a man in his 30s, also walking there. that's making me more scary.... Reached school at 7.20am, fortunately, wasn't late!

Started my class with maths :) Its amazing studying with Puan Norizan! Then Geo,...... *study* wink*

Recess time, was a little bored. Then to Seni class, was more and more boring! For your information, my art is very very ugly :( Not talented..

Then last class is moral. Playing because teacher was absent. We are playing the 'jian dao shi tou bu' aka 'one two jus' then, beat the opponent hand. Whoa, my hand went red and paining! :) but it was fun. My friends are strong., they beat me very strongly =] h aha!

At 1.10pm, we went to canteen.. And chit chatting.. The person selling food at the canteen called me aunty! Omg, unbelievable.. I didn't buy anything, just sitting there, and he called me aunty.. Then, S.phing and Z.yin called him back pakcik.. he he!

Soon at 1.30pm, we went to the Chinese class.. And there is it.. feeling terrible because i know very little Chinese.. The class ended at 3pm. Mei ting's mummy sent me back home, as my house is quite near with her's. And its because the sun are so hottttt..我的天啊!

amyy :) sad campur happy.

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Anonymous said...

uish kena jalan. hahahaahahaha. so kesian dee.