Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I HATE !!! :'(

I don't want to continue my life in this school! Please send me away back to SMKWM2!!!!!! I'll hate , i mean super hate SMKDK in a few more days time!!!!! I'm very unfamiliar with it. and i dunwan to be familiar to it! I want moved back to SMKWM2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMKWM2 is my favourite secondary school ever ;'(

For me, as the definition, moving school is like changing my own family=( I'm stressed out .. Get me out of that SCHOOL ! pls?

I want to do my daily routine like last time!

*walking and taking bus with Ang*
*reach school can see Shiyee and others*
*in the morning, can fight with Ah Lok, Teh Seong Fu or others*
*reach class, kutip duit kelas!*
*maths class, solving maths prob with teacher and sen and mMythili*
*when there's no teacher, chatting and reviewing back our primary time*
*see and meet and play with seniors Muntheng, Shaun, Yeewei, Weelee and others*
*cuccuriculum play together..
*go back with Ang*sweetest memory ever!
*going out to shakey and shopping on jamuan kelas day*

I want these back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it's like ,
*no body's talking to me*
*I'm all alone*
*recess walking alone to toilet and walking here and there*

I was 100% friendly in since stand one . Now, i moved to SMK DK, no friends accompany me recess le and nobody know me.*nostalgic*!

In this newly new school, I was dreaming or what? In my class, I saw there's 4 Mythili, 2 Sen, 2 Vanesh and 1Ang.. They are like just same. Ang's part.. Omg, this guy, only abit fatter than Ang.. His voice, his attitude, all same like ANG.. Miss Ang and Sen so damn much =(

=* gring gring =*
Last time, I love recess and waiting every minute to recess! Because i can meet them!
And now, I really hate recess time! When its 10.10, i was thinking FASTER 10.30am!!!!!
I walked here and there. Like I'm invisible that no one can see me, no one talked to me!

When i was in form 1 SMKWM2, i was taking ERT for KH. And now in this brand new school, its perdagangan for KH for PMR! What am i going to do?? I've bought books for ERT and now it's sort of some rubbish already :( :( :( Mummy Daddy, get me out of this! I'm SUFFERING :(

When can i treat these new friends like i do treat Amirah, Syifa, Ain, Sen, Mythily, Shiyee, Shaun, Tham! OMG, these name are so familiar with me! I love them so much le................

:( :( :( I have nothing to say except i want to cry! :'( :'( ;'(


Fish.S.Y said...

amy dun sad la...
frenz in SMKWM2 saw tis will sad d....

u think if sen know this...how she feel?

dun cry..

this prob i really dun know how to solve it...

mayb u ask ur dad to help...

lyrics-luver% said...

we will always be wt u....although u in other skull..
Sen juz meet a new chinese girl..
well her name is karman..
she kinda ok 4 nw!!!
dun always be that sad..!!ok..
i cry whn i saw wat u wrote...
i will always support u...
+U +U..
MY DARling..
give u a Distance huge..& kiss

amy ng may kay said...

thnks you all :)
i love u all so much!!
keep in contact is important o!!!
<3 <3 <3 !

shell said...

hey, hey,
it always takes time to get use to some stuff.. maybe u can get ur dad help by letting him knw about the prob ur facing in kh?
dun be frust ok?

Fish.S.Y said...

amy many ppl support u now...
dun b sad anymore...

zainalalieff said...

amy, i'm supporting you. haha! alahh, we are still friends kan? online ur msn then u can chat with me :D

weh, where's my name? i never see my name on ur blog. :(

Fish.S.Y said...

haha amy someone jealus le...
dun have his name....