Monday, January 5, 2009

What am I doing these days?

5days cannot online.. So I'm doing un-lining.. ha ha! This TM very very weird.. package RM90 also always got problem.. bad service! he he. Don't talk bout that la.. Make me call 100 few times the 5 days! 100(TM service line)~

Lets talk bout my new school.. Ok? Can? Can la.. Hor? I reached school sharp at 7am with my daddy and sister, as my mummy going to work for morning shift :) Then, I was like running here and there.. dunno what to do next. Soon, the teacher in-charge, asked all new students to sit besides 2DK1. And, there i go!

Daddy and my sister was outside the Pejabat! My sister went home early as she's going to start work later. So, bye bye! Then, after the 1 hour assembly, me and my dad and loads of new students going to the pejabat to know our class! The clerk there asked us to go to 'Bilik Mesyuarat' Meeting Room. We went there.. There, i heard that 2008'd 1300 students and 2009've 1800 students.. And that does make a big different!

After half an hour, we finished 'daftar'ing! And, I am in 2 DK 11. First class, hehe, very very happy :P That's my biggest dream this holiday. . 很高兴了!

After that, the teacher there asked all new students to hand in 'Fail Peribadi'. Omg, I didn't take from old school yet! and, my next destination, OLD SCHOOL. At 10.10 am, my dad drove me to SMK Wangsa Maju.

There, firstly.. I saw Sen, Muntheng, Ain, Dyla, Aina and others.. Whoa, happying time.. They wished me luck and asked how's my new school.. And i replied,' good probably'!
Soon, I meet the form 2 Chinese boys.. They were like, ' Uhh, why are u still here?, You cut your hair? Very weird '!

Then, I meet ShiYee, and many others. I was running here and there over again, searching for Puan Suriyah , ex class teacher. Canteen, classroom by classroom, and on the way, I saw Shaun, Anthony, YeeWei., And a 'Hi' from me! They looked weird ' why am i still here '! Then BYE..

At last, found Puan Suriyah at 5A. I was sweating already ==' Went to pejabat after that!
*talk talk talk* And at last, Puan Norsiah gave a present :) 'TQ cikgu'!!! RM 5 KFC voucher, A notebook and A key chain! nice one =) Thanks again . . .

Then i heard that I've a 'Sijil Kehadiran Penuh'.
Teacher cannot find it and im rushing back to SMK Danau Kota before 11.30am.
And , a bye bye from me..
Pn. Norsiah promised to put the sijil in my file to send to my new school.
AND AND, ACTUALLY, Sen help me keep it.. *(know it when she smsed me in the afternoon)*

*new school*
*walk to 2 DK 11*
*find a chair to sit*
*look here and there*
and finally, 3 girls there, invited me to sit along with them.
And there, i met Mei Ting(B.Teng), Sya and Shi Min(S.Man)
They were nice! Talk Talk and Exchanging Hp Numbers.
And a BI teacher came in,.

This teacher, Ho My God! His Eng was not very good..
Talking bahasa rojak. Pn. Suriyah was 100% much more better than this guy.
Was funny but wasn't so experience :P

* end at 1.10pm * earlier than in SMK WM2 *
Then go home, sleep, eat, read newspaper and here, writing blog!

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