Monday, January 12, 2009

Things getting better day by day.

Yesterday, Sunday was fun. My aunt, his husband and my grandma came to my house. We've already booked the tennis court at my condominium. And we went down playing at 5.30pm. as at 5pm, it was raining drizzling.. Then we went to gym.. My grandma was there cycling the bicycle.. I took some photos but haven't upload.. Then we returned home at 7.30 pm.. We have our dinner.. Very light dinner.. And went swimming at 8.30pm! Came home and they went back., good night and take care!

Today it was perhaps better. Went to school, having assembly.. To class.. Started studying.. Loads of homework!!! When teacher wasn't there, S.Phing, Z.Yin invited me to play with them.. Invited?? Dunno la.. Recess time, walking eating with them.. Not bad loe.. But i still prefer SMKWM2 so much!

Then back to class and went to Mesyuarat Kokurikulum at 12pm. I was in the green house (Kota Gamma). Gosh, alot ppl in that rumah sukan.. The number of students in Kota Gamma rumah sukan was almost and around 1/2 students of SMKWM2. Very much uh?
Then, to PBSM. Mesyuarat mesyuarat.. and there's nothing about me.. So bored!

P/S : The pupils and students there are looking at me very weirdly.. And i know why, its because the PKPP students are wearing red name tag. And its same as my old school form 1/ 08 nametag.. I WAS WEARING IT! Omg, they looking at me like I'm GILA people! :( lol.. I'll change my nametag as soon as possible to GREEN (form 2 / 09 SMKDK ).. gosh!

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