Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today and 17th would probably related .

17th Jan, this Saturday. I got school! Gosh, the teacher told just this morning! Its 'cuti ganti' for the coming Chinese New Year. Its wasn't terrible if its schooling on Saturday. But not 17th !!! I cannot go back to SMKWM2 le!

Sorry friends, I couldn't make decision also. Why should teacher chose that so meaningful day for cuti ganti? Haih! -.-

Today, I stay backed with S.Phing and Z.Yin.. Lol, at 2pm, S.Phing came visit my house. She went to my room. And, WHOA! She looked at Wu Zhun's poster! I dunno she was a fan of Wu Zhun,. And she made a call to her maid from my house. After that, my sister talking talking with her! And then 'bye-bye'..

I tell you hah! My English nowadays, really dunno what happen le. Cant write out, cant speak out, cant read out :( DUNNO YE! Anyway, anybody, ALL THE BEST! :)

My new classmates are OK.. These Chinese girls, are very hardworking, they almost finished up their homework b4 school ends. These Chinese boys, are like monkeys, but they finished up their homework de.. GOOD! Malay boys, not so familiar.. Malay girls, seemed to be diff than SMKWM2 de! :( Indian boy (sri only), totally just like Vanesh! Indian girls, not bad nohh =)

amy ng may kay aka 黄美琪。

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Sase said...

i missed you
HAHA,tetibe je
esk ade pmilihan bola jaringg
kalau awk ade,gerenty dpt
*sigh*,pinda la sini balek,2A need you i guess :)

*ble kte tgk mke Ain tu kan,mst teringt awk ouh,HAAH