Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did i really changed her?

Today, Mei Ting and Sya, said I've changed S.Man to a better person... Is it true? They said, last year, when i wasn't there, S.Man wouldn't go out and answer teacher's question volunteerlly and last year, her attitude was a little more rude.. But today, S.Man, very happily, going out to do the questions volunteer with me! I think maybe! I also want to changed Mei Ting to a more friendly person! I think I can! S.Man's sitting beside me since January.. And i realized her changes..

And next, I want to change Mei Ting to a better and polite girl.. She always beat my hand, or slap my face! And talking harsh words! I really hope I can change them and I do influence them! :) :) I scold them if they talk harsh words. I don't know if that way really works...

Firstly, I came into this school, I really thought that 2DK11 is not a very good class! But now, I think it's not bad! The most intelligent boys and girls are there. And I'm here too = ) A little proud... LOL, not exactly very proud! okok la.. Just that..... The longer I am at a place, the more i love them! Just like SMKWM2.. I love very much like my very own family..

Nothing special going on today in school. Home works very little only! I am very happy if i can influence my friends to be good person! P/S : I really don't like sitting at the back, the last and 5th row! I cannot see and listen to teacher properly! Hate :D

CHEERS everybody (=
Life has to go on!
And kept your promise, buddies..

AmY nG mAy KaY.

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Anonymous said...

is it shaun ? =.=