Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OLD photos. But only uploading it now. Delayed.

Some delayed and postponed pictures. From the most recent and latest pictures... Pavilion 8Feb09 , Chinese New Year and New Year :)

With mummy. Happy 1st Anniversary to Pavilion!

With my second sister :) And the OX.. Pavilion 09.

Mum, Dad and The Ox. May everybody have a prosperous new year! =) Pavilion.

8th Feb 09... Times Square outing with family!

With Julia. My 'biao jie' ! Ugly hair la -.-

Chinese New Year Eve. I know I am fat. My hair is ugly too!

Recently Chinese New Year. Lion Dance in mummy's office!

Rabbit. Very cute! Played with us on Chinese New Year.

Cookies for Chinese New Year. Made by mum, sisters and myself =)

My grandmother going to gym :)

This picture, took long time ago. My sister said it is nice & sweet. But I think, kinda ' fa qiao'!

View from my house on New Year 09.

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