Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling so good :)

Back to wangsa maju 2 at 12pm sharp.. Firstly, met Sen and Weelee at sch bus stop. My mum gave them red packet one each.....................*ha ha* Then, we walked under the sun to block A de area.. And we went to the Gan's house! GAMBLE GAMBLE GAMBLE and I LOSE LOSE LOSE!

Soon, we went to Siok Hang's... and gamble 3 games..

After that, to Menara Alpha.. And Weelee's house was our destination.. Gamble ever again.. And to Tham' house.. Eat gamble drink!

Last destination, Sen's house.. Back to G block area..... so happy! It's my place!!!!!! but moved out :( :( :( Then at 5.30pm, my dad fetched me back home! ha ha ^^

UNFORTUNATELY, Shaun lee didn't come cause going somewhere to pray/sembahyang!ha ha ha ha.. but i met a new boy named Teoh... Ex- SMKWM2 too. today, filled with happiness.. by :
- sen geok yen -
- lim wee lee -
- gan yee wei -
- mun theng -
- siok hang -
- tham ying fong -
- teoh something something.. I am not sure! -

* wink wink *


Fish-Shi Yee said...

oh gud lor....
but i nvr meet u....
i want go d....
willy was there...
nvm la...
haha i saw u today wear a skirt wor...

amy ng may kay said...

u saw me, didnt say hi!

yaya, wearing a skirt.
but not very sexy lar!!

i saw u with weihann,
so sweet talking together!
and heard ppl said, u two stand there very long! haha!

Amirah C said...

sure very fun yaa! haha.

amy ng may kay said...

shaun didnt turn uppp..
so sadddddd...
but then,i met others..

zainalalieff said...


amy ng may kay said...

I dunnnoooo..
thats why i said teoh something something..
lol! :)
zainal, HONG BAO?