Friday, March 27, 2009


It's so long since I have uploaded some pictures. My sister's laptop is still in the computer shop. So many pictures I wanted to load into this blog. But, it seemed that I had to wait. Till my sister's computer is back and I can load pictures from my hp to the laptop.

Ohmygod. Next week is Sports Day. I'm nervous. Nervous for nothing. Yeay la, nervous because I'm one of Kota Gamma's runners. I'm scared I will disappoint them :( So, apa apa la. I will try my best.

Ohh. Friday again. Time flies so fast. Too fast le ba. Anyway, Friday is always the last day need to go to school every week. Yeay.. ^.^

Today, my school bag was quite heavy.. Started with the BM class.. Is it BM? I think so. After that, Sej and after that BI.. Nothing special.. Before recess KKS(Sheng) put something belongs to KKS(Siong) at my chair.. Haih.. What the buddies are doing.. Then recess.. B.Teng and S.Man discussing what name they should give me.. A Mai , A Kay.. All these names very weird de.. =.='

After recess, Science.. Until KH, teacher came but let us play.. So, we played cards again.. So bored de daily routine! When I was at the back gate of the school, I saw B.Teng.. Haha, I robbed her.. LOL.. We both make like we were real robbers.. Having guns.. After that, went home le.. Didn't rob her because her mum came already~ haha!

S**** I miss.


Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

lol...u robbed bee teng?
are you serious? o.O?
kh so good? kh teacher same as ur kh teacher....but why she didnt giv us play??? laugh out loud!

amy 美琪-kaykay- said...

your kh teacher is cik aida?
haha. dunno why. she so relax in our class.

yea. really. i robber her.
if you dont believe, you ask her.
but she never scream. so relax. haha.